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Contact Us

  Sales department:
Email: sales@anber-inc.com kathy@anber-inc.com
Msn:  yuyan258@hotmail.com; wm0001@hotmail.com
Tel: (+86)-510-88239309/88239310; Fax: (+86)-510-88237950
Mobile: (+86)-13665199541/13683511791
Add: NO. 525, Jindong Road, Jinxi industrial zone, Kunshan, Suzhou city, China
Website: http://www.wiredrawingchina.com
  After-Sale Service:
Our after-sales service team provides comprehensive support and assistance for ANBER's customers worldwide, both during the installation and commissioning period of our equipment, and during its entire service life which frequently exceeds 30 years. Highly qualified technicians are available to make service visits to customers and to carry out maintenance.
Mobile: 18626333399;
E-mail: chenxincen@anber-inc.com
MSN : chenxincen@hotmail.com
Spare Parts:
Spare parts are available, and can be purchased, for all equipment supplied by ANBER. A team of experienced engineers will give advice and provide assistance in handling spare parts requirements. Please always state the reference number of the relevant equipment when making an inquiry
E-mail: lixiaoyan@anber-inc.com
Documents of customer:
ANBER offer the customer service: B/L, C/O, P/I, P/L.
Email: lixiaoyan@anber-inc.com
MSN: lixia@china-anbermachine.com

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