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Spare Parts of Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Capstan
Wire drawing capstan is the main part of the wire drawing machine, the wire is drawn from one capstan to next capstan. It is also called wire drawing block.  .......
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lubricate applicator
Lube Applicator is very easy to use. It is simply to be clamped on to the wire in the die box, thus avoiding the cumbersome process of threading.  .......
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Wire Drawing Die
Anber wire drawing die is appliable to draw different materials, such as: copper, steel, Al, carbon, etc., according to your request   .......
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Wire Drawing Powder
Our products are made of PCD, tungsten carbide, natural diamond, with polish surface and steady performance.......
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Electromagnetic speed-regulating motor controller
JD1A series of electromagnetic speed-regulating motor controller is a novel speed-regulating device of national unified design.......
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